Our province issued the "Management Measures for Property Service Charges"

Our province issued the "Management Measures for Property Service Charges"
The property can not adjust the charging standard at will. The parking space of the community belongs to the owner

  Recently, the provincial Price Bureau and the Provincial Housing and Construction Department jointly issued the "Hubei Province Property Service charges Management Measures", all property service charges in our province will be included in the supervision and management, in order to effectively solve the problem of property service charges, and create a safe, comfortable and civilized living and working environment for the people。The measures will take effect on April 1。

  The property can not arbitrarily adjust the fee standard

  From April, our province property charges will have a unified standard。That is, the fees for pre-residential properties (from the date when the developer's housing is delivered to the owner to the establishment of the community owners' conference) shall be implemented according to the standards stipulated by the government。Other property fees shall be regulated by the market price, but the property company cannot unilaterally adjust the fee standard, and it must be agreed by the owners' assembly, and the community without an owners' assembly shall be agreed by the majority of owners。

  To avoid disputes between the owner and the property,The Measures provide,The property fee from the effective date of the previous property service contract to the date of delivery of the premises,Be borne by the developer;The property charge after the date of delivery,Be borne by the owner;The premises are not occupied within one year after delivery,The proportion of property service charges borne by the owner during the vacancy period,It shall be determined by the local competent price department jointly with the competent real estate department。

  The owner has paid the property fee, and where the money is used, it should be clear。The "Measures" stipulate that the property fee is based on the construction area as the unit of valuation and is charged monthly。Property companies should normalize the publicity of service content, service standards, charging items, charging standards, and complaint telephone information in prominent positions in the property management area, and accept the supervision of the owner。Every six months, the property company and the owners' committee must publicize the income and expenditure of the property fee, and audit it in a timely manner。

  Owners of garages no longer have to pay parking fees

  The "Measures" stipulate that the parking Spaces occupied by public roads or venues for parking motor vehicles in the community are owned by all owners, and the property company may charge parking fees, but shall not charge parking service fees separately。Specific matters such as the management and use of parking fees in public areas of the community shall be decided by the owners' meeting, and developers and property companies shall not sell in disguised form。

  For owners who have bought or rented a garage (space), the property company shall not charge additional parking fees。The developer shall publicize the registered garage (space) rental and sale plan in a prominent position in the sales place, and shall not rent and sell at high prices or bundle the rental and sale garage (space) with commercial housing.。

  Which cars are exempt from paying parking fees when entering the community?The Measures include a list of vehicles temporarily parked for no more than 30 minutes,Provide moving (delivery of goods) service vehicles for owners,Military vehicles, police vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, disaster relief and rescue vehicles performing tasks,Mail (express) delivery,Sanitation truck,Municipal facilities maintenance and repair vehicles,Funeral van,Disabled special transport vehicles, etc。

  The property shall not charge decoration management fees

  In response to the problem of housing decoration fees, the "Measures" require that property companies shall not arbitrarily collect housing decoration deposits, and management measures shall be introduced first to specify the deposit standards, refund time and related responsibilities。The management measures may be formulated by the property company through consultation with the owner,It may also be formulated by the owners' meeting;Construction waste from house decoration,The owner may entrust the property company to pay for the transportation,But the decoration management fee, elevator transportation fee, etc,Shall not be collected;External personnel and vehicles who provide temporary services such as decoration, installation and maintenance for the owners,No fees may be charged。

  For the implementation of the key card (card) management of the community, the developer or property company should be free for the owner to configure the key card (card), each household staff key card (card) no less than 3, vehicle identification card per car。If the owner needs to make up for the loss or damage, the production cost fee can be charged according to the published standard。

  It is not allowed to call for payment of property fees without water supply or power failure

  Urging owners to pay property fees in a timely manner, property companies must not threaten to cut off water and power。

  The Measures provide,The owner shall pay the property fee as agreed in the contract,Failing to pay as agreed,The owners' committee and the residents' (village) committee shall urge them to make payment within a time limit;Failing to pay within the time limit,The property company may apply for arbitration or bring a lawsuit according to law,Owners may not default on property fees and other reasons,Reduce service content,Reduce service quality,Interruption or interruption of water supply, power supply, gas supply and heat supply by means of a limited time limit,And other acts that harm the legitimate rights and interests of the owners。

  The provincial price bureau said that no unit or individual can force property companies to collect water, electricity, gas, heating and other costs or provide free services。The property management company shall not collect any handling fee from the owner for the project entrusted to it。Residential properties and office buildings, office buildings, industrial parks, commercial areas, hotels, schools and other non-residential properties under their own management shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of these Measures。(Liu Tianzheng, Shen Jia)

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